Velocity Pro 7' Bed Cloth & Rails Standard Green

Velocity Pro 7' Bed Cloth & Rails Standard Green
Thank You For Shopping With Nielsen’s Billiards. Nielsens Billiards – Joerackem. Monday through Friday 9:30 a. To 5:30 p. And Saturday 9:30 a. (48″x90″ precut for bed cloth and rails). Velocity Pro Distributor – IN STOCK. Velocity Pro – STANDARD GREEN, SO THERE IS NO WAIT! Cloth is worsted wool with a 85% wool/15% nylon blend. Worsted resists tracks and grooves that impact accuracy of play. Tight weave naturally resists spills and stains. Nap-free surface virtually eliminates pilling and shedding resulting in long wear, minimum maintenance and the most accurate and consistent play. Worsted construction means that there are no short fibers that can release from the cloth to form “pills” or fuzz-balls that have to be removed from the playfield in order to allow the ball to roll straight. Fast cloth – similar to Simonis 760. Ball spin is consistent, and the roll stays straight and true on every shot. High-Speed play for Bank Pool, Straight Pool and One-Pocket. Technical note about size of standard 7′ table. Actual bed cloth size is 48″ x 90″. Set of six rail cloths will be 6″ x 43″. Inside dimension of table from tip of the bumper to tip of the bumper across the table and also from end to end will be 39″ x 78″ or less. Actual slate size of a 7′ table will be 46″ x 85″ or less. Keep in mind that cloth stretches as well when being installed which will give greater dimensions to the bed cloth. Please take a measurement before ordering. Why install worsted cloth on your table? Worsted construction is the means of removing short fibers that can release from the cloth to form “pills” or fuzz-balls like on the standard felt woolen cloth, this construction allows balls to roll straight. Worsted cloth is a faster playing surface and is incredibly smooth unlike standard felt which will eventually develop tracks or grooves in the cloth that will affect the direction of the balls. Worsted cloth will allow consistent ball spin and a true roll on every shot. The tight weave prevents penetration of dirt and chalk dust, and the twist of the worsted threads allow the fabric to naturally resist liquid spills and stains, greatly increasing the fabric’s life as well as making it easy to clean. What are ball burns? Marks left on the surface of the cloth that are usually white in color are referred to as ball burns. Worsted cloth with higher wool content helps to reduce the appearance of these marks. It is also recommend that you invest in high end resin balls to further reduce the appearance of ball burns. Ball burns from polyester balls are actually marks left on the cloth from degradation of the surface of the ball itself. Phenolic balls are much harder and are more resistant to heat than polyester balls. Any residue that has built up in the ball will leave marks on the cloth. Simple maintenance of the cloth and balls will prolong the life of your cloth. UPS is not available to non continental US locations. Asia, Australia, Europe, Germany, Japan, Mexico, South America and United Kingdom. Thank you for your interest in Nielsen’s Billiards. This item is in the category “Sporting Goods\Indoor Games\Billiards\Tables”. The seller is “joerackem” and is located in this country: US. This item can be shipped worldwide.
  • Color: Standard Green
  • MPN: 01
  • Brand: Velocity Pro
  • Sport: Pool and Billiards
  • Accessory Type: Table Cloth
  • Bed cloth Dimension:: 48 inches by 90 inches

Velocity Pro 7' Bed Cloth & Rails Standard Green